Thegreekbag is a series of tote bags and zipbags that – besides being practical and useful – have a storytelling function, as each portrays a map of a Greek city, island or region.

About us

<Τι είναι η πατρίδα μας; Μην είν' οι κάμποι;>

thegreekbag started its journey with this poetic question in mind.

The original concept was to transfer and convey a part of school and public life into everyday life, while transforming the map into a utilitarian object.

A souvenir that highlights in a most obvious  way the special features of the Greek landscape.

Thegreekbag is a reference to the land. The land of our origin, the land we live on, the land we frequently visit and the land we even abandon.

A unique souvenir that arouses memories by bringing together people's past and by inviting us to new explorations - beyond every border.